Firm History

After becoming registered in North Carolina in 1977, Walter Davis started a sole proprietorship known as Walter Davis, Architect, AIA. From 1977 to 1985 Walter Davis Architect, AIA grew as the firm began to establish a steady client base.

In 1997, Walter Davis took on a partner, Kevin M. Kane, who had worked for the company as a project architect/manager for many years. In 1998, the firm recognized this partnership with the name change to Davis Kane Architects, P.A., which is the name the firm is known by today.

In 2003 Walter Davis, retiring, divested in the firm and Robert Stevenson became a partner at Davis Kane Architects. Davis Kane continues to grow and build upon our knowledge base. Each new project brings with it a new set of challenges and opportunities for learning; celebrating over forty years of sucessful design, we look forward to these challenges as we continue to write our history.

Our Office, designed by Davis Kane Architects, is located in the Cameron Village area of Raleigh, North Carolina near NC State University and minutes from the Capital City's downtown.   

The resulting building doesn’t “look like” one of the Cameron Village originals. That isn’t the aim of building in context. The point is that the designers, in numerous decisions large and small about the new building they were adding to a richly contextual neighborhood, drew from what was already there. Their building is a respectful, rather than a self-important, addition to the environment.
— Ken Friedlein, AIA "The Built World"