Jackson Wall, Assosiate AIA
Intern Architect

Jackson has been native to North Carolina his entire life, growing up in the small town of Spring Hope.  After high school he moved to Raleigh to attend NC State University’s College of Design in 2010 where he consecutively completed his Bachelor’s of Environmental Design in Architecture and 5th year Bachelor’s of Architecture.

Upon Graduating in 2015 Jackson spent a couple of years working for a local firm on projects varying in size and complexity, including a convention center and a laboratory facility.  In the fall of 2017, Jackson joined Davis Kane Architects and began immediately transferring the skills he has gained over the years.  From technical drawings to graphic presentations, Jackson shows a range of detail, and creativity that allows fresh perspectives on a variety of projects.  Specializing in 3D Renderings and visualization, Jackson helps our clients see what their projects have the potential to become.

When not working on architecture, Jackson's second love is music.  While playing a total of 6 instruments, he plays music whenever he can from leading worship at his church, to playing at several of the restaurants and bars here in downtown Raleigh