city of roxboro FIRE STATION NO.2 & 3

City of Roxboro, North Carolina

Two 4,100 square foot, two bay fire stations were designed for use at two different sites. Each site contains a lengthy driveway and a significant setback of the bays from the street, which were desired by the City due to location on the busy US 501 corridor. Mediating between a modest budget, a need for durability and a desire for a masonry facade, brick and block load bearing walls with a low-slope steel roof structure was chosen. The building was designed for future expansion as the city grows. The apparatus bays feature radiant gas heating tubes and equipment drying rooms. Radiant heaters focus energy on the occupants and equipment, providing greater thermal comfort with low operating costs. Each fire station features four bedrooms, a crew chief’s office, and a kitchen-lounge area. Support functions include laundry, locker room, shower facilities, and an outdoor patio.