city of KINSTON


A renovation of the existing Central Fire Station space provided a new space for the City of Kinston Public Safety Department. Fire personnel were relocated to the new Fire Station No. 1, and the existing building interior was demolished, leaving only the building shell. Renovation included improvement of overall building vertical circulation and accessibility, and efficiently housing the needs of the Department of Public Safety within the existing building footprint. New program included offices for SBI & FBI Agents, detectives, ranking officers, a Sally Port, arrest and booking spaces, evidence storage, and training spaces.

The renovation was limited in area with phased construction and scope to allow the remaining spaces of City Hall to remain occupied and functioning throughout construction. The scope of construction included abatement of hazardous materials, new plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems, and new interior finishes. New vertical circulation was also added to connect the three levels of the building. New stairs, a ramp, and an elevated walkway were added to make building approach fully accessible. The project included 14,500 square feet of renovation and 800 square feet of addition.