Sydney O'Hare, AIA, LEED® Green Associate

A Tennessee native, Sydney O'Hare graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Planning in 1998 with a Bachelors of Architecture.  In 2003 she moved to Raleigh North Carolina to pursue a Masters Degree in Architecture with a focus in Design.  She joined Davis Kane Architects in 2006 and became a licensed architect in both Tennessee and North Carolina 2008.

Sydney enjoys travel, especially when it allows her to spend time out of doors, cooking, doodling, and working in her yard.  She dreams one day of opening a pie shop, walking the Appalachian Trail, and winning the lottery in no particular order. She really likes Black Warrior Pencils, spending time with her sisters, and coconut cake.  Contrary to the above sentence Sydney does not like the following items; doing the dishes, cucumbers, or paper cuts. 

Curiously, she has been very skilled since kindergarten at coloring between the lines, however she feels sometimes one should make the edges themselves.