Apex Public Safety Station No. 6

Apex, NC

The Town of Apex is one of the fastest-growing areas in North Carolina as a suburban municipality to the Raleigh-Durham area, slated to explode in the coming years per Realtor.com. With over 54,000 residents and still growing, the need for fire services to maintain current levels of ISO rating. The facility will collocate a one-company fire station with a police substation and include a shared Training Space.

Davis Kane is working with the Town to develop a fire station prototype that can meet the site conditions of this location and program while providing design flexibility to be adapted to another site by removing the police component. The facility will include:

+ Two 80-Foot Pass-Through Bays With The Option For An Additional Bay In The Future

+ An Open Dayroom Design With Kitchen And Dining

+ Dorm Space For A Single Company That Can Increase For Another Company With A Dorm And Bay Addition

The facility design will provide the footprint and system layout to accommodate the future expansion to meet each Station’s growing demand for fire services.

Like all Davis Kane Public Safety projects, this new Station will include the latest in hot zone/cold zone isolation design for station occupant safety. These features include;

+ Separated Decontamination Spaces With A Shower

+ Isolated PPE Storage Areas

+ Exterior Decontamination Access

+ Transition Zone With Isolated Mechanical Supply/Exhaust System Coordination Between Hot and Cold Zone Spaces