Bostock Library OIT Tech Alcove

Durham, NC

The OIT Technology Alcove Up-Fit created a new Multimedia Project Studio for the West Campus by converting an existing 1,200 SF space that was initially planned to be a reading area into a high-tech office equipped with the latest computer technology.  

The newly renovated interior space includes;

+ Audio Room

+ Video Editing Room

+ Video Conference Room Outfitted With High-End Smartboard Technology

+ LED/LCD Screen

+ Camera

+ Other A/V Equipment

In addition, the Lab Area accommodates workstations for 15 students with easy access to data and power connectivity. 

The curved custom reception desk overlooks the Lab area and was designed to exhibit a contemporary appearance with brushed aluminum surfaces and integrated LED lights. 

The Multimedia Project Studio is delineated from the rest of the library by an all-glass partition. Graphics on the partition reflect the unique identity of the MPS. The wood soffit contrasts with the all-glass entry to provide a warm, updated appearance.