Farmville Fire Station & Dept. HQ

Davis Kane is working with the Town of Farmville and the Fire Department to develop a 20,000-square-foot fire station and headquarters to replace their existing station that can meet modern first responder requirements. The Farmville Fire Department is the heart of the community and hosts many get-together events and cookouts. The station will not only serve as the town’s only fire station but a hub for community events, training, fitness, and an anchor point for the town’s future growth.

The design also provides a footprint and system layout for future expansion as demand for fire services grows.

The new single-story fire station will include:

+ Five Pull-Through Bays, Each 96 Feet Long

+ Five Dorm Rooms With An Open-Concept Day Room With Kitchen and Dining Space

+ Fitness Room With Controlled Access

+ Watch Desk And Administrative Offices

+ Large Training And Community Room

+ Hot Zone/Cold Zone Isolation Design For Station Occupant Safety, Which Includes Separated Decontamination Spaces With Showers, Isolated PPE Cleaning and Storage Areas, and Transition Zones With Isolated Mechanical Supply/Exhaust System Coordination

+ Historical Displays Of Farmville Fire Department Through The Years In The Main Entrance And Throughout The Building