Footpath Pictures

Raleigh, NC

Davis Kane Architects designed the up-fit of a narrow commercial space into office and support space for the non-profit Footpath Pictures.  The office opens onto the pedestrian-friendly Hillsborough Street in downtown Raleigh.  Visitors are greeted by warm wood, soft seating, and playful lighting within the street façade windows.  The four large workstations are organized to enhance collaboration.

The green company identity wall with the logo conceals the support space beyond that includes:

+ Video Editing / Conference Room

+ Breakroom With Kitchenette

+ Camera Equipment Work Room

New flooring, paint, ceilings, and lighting give a fresh look for the creative users’ space.  Revisions to plumbing, mechanical, and sprinkler systems were installed to suit the Owner’s needs and Code requirements on a limited budget.