WTCC Center For Building Technologies

Raleigh, NC

The Center for Building Technologies is playing an important role in Wake Tech’s Workforce Development efforts. A compilation of state and county funds, grants, and donations from industry partners made the funding for the project possible. While a collaboration between Wake Tech’s faculty/facilities staff and Trade Team created modern educational spaces with trade-based, hands-on learning opportunities.

The 34,000-SF building houses indoor and outdoor lab space equipped with the latest technology to support the development of Electrical, Residential and Commercial HVAC, and Building Automation Systems skilled trades, as well as classrooms and offices to support those programs and faculty.

In addition, the lab spaces are designed in close collaboration with veteran faculty, who have invested in skilled trades development for many years, offering quality technicians into the Triangle Area’s workforces. Their input and expertise were vital in ensuring the lab spaces work hand-in-hand with the curricula honed to focus efforts on real-time training. Being the Center for Building Technologies, the building systems themselves are designed to be on display as a teaching tool for the students. The 3rd Floor Mechanical Room is made prominent by a street-facing curtainwall with the systems able to be illuminated and overt on Wake Tech’s Southern Campus.